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Central Erie Baptist Association

Starting Churches
Strengthening Churches
Spreading the gospel

The Buckeye Central-Erie Baptist Association (BCEBA) is a cooperating group of Souther Baptist churches in central Ohio. Our mission and purpose is to strengthen existing churches through resourcing and revitalization, start new churches through planting and reduplication, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe. 




Throughout the year, there are a variety of events hosted by the BCEBA and the churches of the BCBEA. Here is a snapshot of what is forthcoming or use the link below to view the full calendar. 


BCEBA Executive
Board Meeting


BCEBA Annual Celebration

D.o.m. Blog

Read the Latest Blog Articles from our D.O.M.

Cliff Hartley is our Director of Missions. He provides leadership and wisdom in a variety of ways. One capacity is through the written word. Use the link below to access the most recent as well as archived articles from Cliff. 

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