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The BCEBA has a three-fold purpose statement: strengthening existing churches, starting new churches, and spreading the gospel. We strengthen existing churches through offering leadership training and connecting pastors with coaches in leadership and church ministry. We start new churches by equipping existing churches with skills and resources to send teams out into communities to start and plant new churches throughout Ohio. We spread the gospel as we individually fulfill the great commission and corporately as we support local and foreign mission through prayer, financial giving, and sending teams to various areas to preach the gospel. If you are part of an existing church that is interested in joining the BCEBA, please contact our Director of Mission--Cliff Hartley. Also, if you are planting or are interested in planting a church within the BCEBA, please contact Cliff. We would love to talk about how we can partner together to strengthen churches, start churches, and spread the gospel. 

our Leadership:
Mike May

Director of Missions

Richard Grilley
Avatar 98
Josh Swinehart

Vice Moderator

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