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Resources and ministry partners

State Convention of Baptists in Ohio

The State Convention of Baptist in Ohio is comprised of all Southern Baptists in the state of Ohio. The State Convention is instrumental in Church planting, replanting, revitalizing, and strengthening. Learn more about the SCBO at the link below. 

southern Baptist National Convention

Southern Baptists from all over the country cooperate together to strengthen, plant, replant, and revitalize churches. The National Convention is also instrumental in sending thousands of missionaries abroad to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Learn more using the link below. 


North American Mission Board (imb)

The North American Mission Board is all about spreading the gospel of Jesus, starting new churches, and equipping existing churches to live on mission all throughout North America. Use the link below to learn more about NAMB

Mission Board

The IMB exists to send missionaries all over the globe to live among the people as they share the love and message of Jesus. To learn more about the great work of the IMB, click the link below. 

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